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🎅Christmas Sale 49% OFF🐱Self-Heating Cosy Pet Blanket Kennel🐕

🎅Christmas Sale 49% OFF🐱Self-Heating Cosy Pet Blanket Kennel🐕

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🐾Keep your furry companion extra toasty and comfy even as the temperature drops with this Self-Heating Cosy Pet Blanket Kennel!

This heated pet mat comes with a multi reflective layer that naturally bounces body heat back and locks it in for optimal all day warmth. Providing your precious pet the best toasty and coszy nap spot especially on chilly evenings or as the wintry months creep in. It can even increase your companion’s circulation as well as promoting healing for deteriorating muscles and joints. No worries as this pad is 100% self-heating to prevent the use of electricity and troubles of messy cords only for your pets to chew on. The safest, snuggly thermal mat for dogs, cats, bunnies, aging pets, arthritic pets, and other pets of smaller breeds.    

The non-electric thermal mat delivers the softest wool and smooth to touch surface cover to snuggle and rest on. Additionally, it does not create any annoying sounds to stay noiseless even as they move around for a more comfortable, peaceful snooze. This warming pad has an anti-skid backing that holds securely in place against any smooth surface types. It is super portable so you can always keep your pet comfortably warm and rested even on travels and vacations. Made with premium, pet-friendly fabric that boasts to withstand years of usage and washes without wearing-off. 


  • Extra Self-Heating Effect🐾
    A smart thermal mat featuring a built-in heat reflective layer that naturally bounces back your pet’s captured body heat and successfully retains it with the insulating layer. Providing your furry companion an additional warmth that ultimate coziness especially during the cold wintry seasons. What’s more? This self-warming mat does not only radiate satisfying heat, but it also boosts circulation and soothes deteriorating muscles and joints. No worries as it uses no electricity at all to deliver the safest and perfect nap spot for your precious companion without the cords for them to chew on!

  • Ultimate Comfort🐾
    This non-electric warming pet mat adopts the highest grade and softest lambswool surface cover. Allowing your furry companion to lay and nap on while staying extra comfortable and snuggly all day and night. Furthermore, it is completely smooth-to-touch to ensure that not a single harm or discomfort would come into your dog/cat as they rest. The thermal pad also eliminates the annoying crinkly sound from the foil layer to remain peacefully noiseless even as your pet moves and turns on their sleep.

  • Anti-Slip Backing🐾
    The self-heating pad consists of a convenient non-slipping, textured base that holds firmly against any type of smooth surface. Preventing it from moving and shifting around whenever your pet changes positions during their relaxing nap time. The perfect heated mat to be laid on indoor or outdoor tile floorings, hardwoods, concretes, and other possible surfaces. Saving you from the troubles of using adhesive to keep the pad still in one place! 

  • Portable Design🐾
    This cosy heated pet mat is ideally lightweight to be carried around easily anytime, anywhere for transportation. It can also effortlessly roll or fold into a much compact size to fit neatly to different bags or onto the back of your car without taking up too much space. Great for making your pet comfortably warm and rested even when you're on travel, vacation, park, picnics, hotels, apartments, cage, at home, and so much more. 

  • 100% Pet Friendly🐾
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly lambswool and mylar foil film with an excellent self-heating technology. It offers a remarkable durability that can last a long-term service without damaging, molding, tearing, or linting. This heated mat has a zippered cover that is machine-washable and dryer-friendly to give you a hassle-free cleaning anytime. Moreover, it does not create any electrical hazards or skin irritations and other allergic reactions. Suitable for dogs, cats, bunnies, aging pets, arthritic pets, and other pets of different small to medium breeds. 


  • Material: lambswool
  • Size: 60*45cm, 95*65cm


  • 1 x Self-Heating Cosy Pet Blanket Kennel

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🎅Christmas Sale 49% OFF🐱Self-Heating Cosy Pet Blanket Kennel🐕

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